Thursday, 18 September 2014

Greetings from Sweden to Magamba

Hello Everyone! 

We've been on holidays more or less, but now we're back on track and very excited of the newest collaboration and amazing kindness people continue to show for the programme. 

Ana Imraa  from Sweden by the initiative of Andrea Munga wanted to organize a charity event to gather money to contribute building an arts therapy room to the new building in Magamba for the students in Mabhugai class and others disabled kids in the Lushoto area.

They gathered 250 Euros which is incredible achievement and we are more than proud to see that every penny will be used in effective way. 

We are extremely grateful on the behalf of these amazing kids and other kids who will be benefiting of these funds!

Here some photos of the event:

Thank you so much and more update on the progress soon to follow!

- Kirsi Salo

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