Sunday, 17 May 2015

Outreach staff sharing expiriences in disabilities rehabilitation with Siuyu rehabilitatin center at Singida region.

How are you friends!

This week we have visited a rehabilitation center at Singida region known as Siuyu rehabilitation center for the aim of sharing different experiences that we have in disabilities rehabilitation,
but also discussed on what and how we can make rehabilitation to more functional to our disabled kids!

We met Sr. Rosemary Ombay
 who is an occupational therapist and program coordinator at Siuyu reahabilitation center and we learnt a lot from the experiences how she usually works with her kids!

see some of the pictures taken, that shows how the kids from the center participate in their daily activities (self-care, productivity, and leisure).

Community rehabilitation worker who is also a care taker is directing children in washing the utensil.

the children they are washing the utensils 
as the part of household activities

it was a good and very productive week to all of our team members!
see more pictures

(this is Bahati, she is reading from the blackboard as one of the productive area to a child)

(here the children were in the class they were reading from the board)
(teachers and the outreach team we were in the class together participating in teaching!)
(Maria Kumburu the one of the outreach team member is directing Yacobo to read from the picture on the board!)
(Sr. Rosemary with the outreach team in the class involving children in picture recognition from the board!)

(Maria Kumburu is assisting Hamisi to hold pencil, Hamisi have athetoid CP so he is so intelligent, his problem is in his motor parts)

(Lurent Kingazi is directing Erick right side and Bahati left side to recognize letters from the exercise book.)

(from he right side of the picture are, John, Erick, and Hamisi, both of them they have athetoid CPand they are very inteligent, they can write and read, but their main problems is in their motor parts.)
(the above picture show some of the children during brake time they are resting and others they are playing)
(the above picture they washing clothes, they are with their care giver who is also a community rehabilitation worker)
(the above picture is Fr. Thom the director of the center, he is playing with the children)
(the above pic it was during lunch time, children they are eating rice!)
(the above one is Raymond, he is writing!)
(children they are playing)
(here also we are playing!.)

if you are interested to know more about Siuyu Rehabilitation Center you may visit their website

we are greatly wishing you a fantastic weekend!

-Ruth S.


  1. It's good to know that there's a lot of people that are willing volunteer for children through different outreach programs. Keep up the good work! :)