Sunday, 17 May 2015

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät showing path to different views on people with Disabilities....

...or should we say just on people in general? As Helle from the band said, he's tired of always being described or determined as the disabled person, not as Sami. 

I've heard this so many times. Not as musician, not as restaurant worker,  not as red haired, or long or heavy or skinny, or person liking car. But always as disabled. 

Sanna Sepponen with her mum visited us in Tanzania to share her experiences and expertise to our programme families. So we all also ended up being on Finnish national TV. She is speaking about the same thing. Of Her being Sanna, yes she has disability as I am short, but thats not who she is. That's an attribute not a persons name. We struggle with this in Tanzania, where a disability is still very often not only label to a person but a stigma for the whole family and close circle around them, which causes various serious secondary issues.  (starts from 19:40)

I sincerely hope Sanna and Sari visiting and openly talking about their life, the regular ups and down's have opened a little wider perspective to some of our families to see their child as child. Worth the investment just as other children. 

I very often get an introduction to new child or adolescence as "so he's diagnose is xxx, and here's the papers". To which I've just as many times answered that I'd prefer to see the actual child first.   

The Finnish Punk band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät is proudly representing Finland in the Eurovision song contest that millions of people are watching. And we are very proud for them to represent us and new functional image where people should be evaluated by their capabilities rather then letter combinations. We all are more functional on other areas then others. 

an interview of the band after winning the Finnish preliminary rounds

So please do follow them and spread the word. This is an important message. And f you like their show and music do also vote for them. 

I am and always will be personally for Punk! 

Have an awesome Sunday.

-Kirsi S. 

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