Sunday, 27 August 2017

Vocational training

Greetings from outreach team
outreach program this year we trained different skills to youth with disabilities, the aim of our training is to improve the lives of youths with disabilities in villages of Lushoto and Mkinga districts that they gain some life skills that may help them to gain money!
The training was conducted at Irente Rainbow School July this year.
see some photos below

(here is Iddi from Mnazi village, he is teaching his fellows how to make  

(Lidia Kihiyo was our teacher, she was teaching them procedure to make batik)

(Kihiyo is traing them how to make body oil)

(they learnt different skills)

(Laurent Kingaz is decorating a broom  as one of the creativity for decoration)

(after the training we provide them with certificates of participation)

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have a nice weekend
Ruth, S

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