Saturday, 18 July 2015

Acquire knowledge and serve with compassion!

Hello everyone!
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We keep busy with our works as we get to new street areas to find the hidden children who need special care.

Have you thought of having a child or even an adult with special need in your family? or maybe you have one in you community? How challenging is this especially if you don't even know about what is it, or you dont even have any idea about it and may you don't its prognosis and what is going to happen in future. 

In our area in Tanzania most of our families with children with disabilities don't have idea of what to do with such kind of children. This is a big challeng to all community members who dont know anything about disability.

So we are trying to raise awareness to our area by training some of the village rehabilitation workers and government leaders about the disability, about the population that we have and how strongly they need our support to reach to their independent life. 

We also had a meeting with other CBR workers discussing some challenges that faces disabled children specific to our settings and what we can do so that our services to be close to them.We are looking forward on how to train some of the rehabilitation skills to community rehabilitation workers in order that in the community we have many people who can provide therapeutic advice to the parents and therapeutic skills to the children with special need.

We also collaborate with various specialists, lately one from hearing specialist from SECEM who assess and provides hearing aids to some kids who had hearing impairment and were in need!

see some pictures from our program works!
(here is Christina masters student from SECOM is testing a hearing aid given to a child)

(here are childrens they are in class trying to recognise the numbers they are with their teacher from MKUZI class one of our class we established so that children who need special education from MKUZI area they can acces!)

(Helena kipingu is guiding the children from MKuzi class to harvest green vegetables)

(Dr. Rhon is examining the ear)

(Ruth is making evaluation to the children seen)

(Winniel is fixing wheelchair)

Have a happy weekend!
Ruth Simon!

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