Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Collaborating with other nertworks!

Hi everyone!
some among our program works we also collaborate with other centers who are also providing therapeutic services to children with disabilities. Aiming at getting some creative skills from our fellow practitioners. 

we visited Zanzibar
in Zanzibar their education system children with disabilities they are included and most of primary school they are inclusive education, parents and other service provider they closely co-operate in helping their children to reach some different skills.

we visited an inclusive school (Michakaeni primary school) under ZAPDD ( zanzibar association of people with developmental disability)
we exchanged different creatyvities like they have parent groups, a parent with a child with disabilities for the aim of doing any entrepreneurship activities and training their children those skills so they sell those materials and they get money to survive. 
Enjoy your time!

Ruth, S