Thursday, 17 July 2014

Equipping local classes and yet more building stuff

Dear All,
We are keeping busy, the building in Magamba continues and we're glad that it is going well (also I should be soon certified builder:) ) Still struggling with where to get water pipe in from but should get that sorted in few days.

Beyond that I went to Dar Es Salaam (the capital of Tanzania) last week to buy school material for the classes, to our great surprise we also got a great amount of donated books and games for the children.

We are so highly grateful and they will all go to excellent use! 
Especial thanks to Rashmi Udeshi from Educraft Tanzania ( , the wonderful lady keeping an amazing education material shop that also donated us loads and loads of books and school materials. 

Next week we will be having a teacher training and hoping to get some new teachers to hop on board. Also we'll be getting the American visitors from Kansas State university,which we are very excited about. 

Other than that the teacher from Mabhughai (the old classroom) visited the building site that will be their new classroom. She had no idea, as we kept it secret and she was so happy. So everyone is working full day to get it finished as soon as possible. Fingers crossed we'll have everything rolling smoothly by the time I am off to holidays in few weeks. 

Here is pictures from today

Bushes are gone and the building is accessible with the new road. Alfred Wallalasse you are my personal hero. I have never seen anyone organizing cleaning the area and building road basically trough forest in a matter of one week. 

Erik one of the building guys starting the painting today after smoothing the walls yesterday. 

The guy building doors and window frames which should all be in place next week. This all has happened in 1,5 weeks since we started the work. Today we're getting reliable plummer to see whats the case with the water and piping, so all fingers crossed we can find a solution. And hopefully one that does not cost millions.

Above these things going on, our core team is on normal village visit on Bumbuli, and will be returning tomorrow. Beginning of the week we had visitors from TCRS programme in Shinayanga Kisapu to learn more from the work we do, as they are planning to start similar programme on their area. So in turn we will be going to visit there most likely in October to help them out a bit more and also to learn from their experiences of successful working methods on very dry areas. 

PS. Abdallah and Eliza are continuing very well on their working practice season! Congratulations to them and thanks again to Irente Biodiversity Reserve for giving them a chance.

All the best, hope you all enjoy the rest of the week 


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