Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Kishapu trip to assist disability programmes

Dear All, 

Shortly listed the latest news, been a hectic month, to say the least. 

We've had a visit to other side of Tanzania in Kishapu, therapy week, three referrals visits, school referrals and normal village visits running.

We've had 4 volunteers in a month coming and going, latest addition being Uve and Filippa from Sweden who luckily speak swahili and will stay until end of December. They are also excellent using the broom and helping organizing.

We we're on first page of Lähestyssanomat (a Finnish magazine) featuring pictures from Mamba.

The picture in the magazine. Picture: Katri Kuusikallio, FELM

Magamba school building is finished to the level that we can move the classroom there next week, meaning the toilet is ready!! 

Anyhow will blog a whole story about that when we get some pictures. 

Here are some pictures of our visit to Shinyanga, Kishapu to continue IRS Outreach team collaboration with TCRS (Tanzanian Christian Refugee services) who are in a great need of assistance and help how to work with the disabled members in their community. 

Our normal "office", Kirsi and Maria occupying the back seat 

Disabled children and adults from first Kishapu village

Usual view from the area 

Amazing woman Helena working as tailor without neither of her hands 

We visited three separate village centers with the TCRS staff. All in all it was highly beneficial for all parties involved as we also need to learn ways to cope and generate income on dry areas. This lead straight to idea to start guest house room for Magamba to the last unused part of the building. But that again shall be discussed in more detail next year. 

Anyhow the cooperation continues as Maria is going to Shinyanga next week to teach disability matters in seminar gathering all their village workers and some other church people and community leaders.  

Physiotherapy exercises, picture: Oscar Rutenge 

Therapy practices 

Information and awareness meeting in the third village.

Other news is that the First Tanzanian Swahili early-reading material will be soon ready. The preliminary printable version will be here too later. Better book version, we're discussing with the U.S. partners if they could produce it with proper pictures etc. Fingers crossed that will be out next year. 

Also we've got Ruth! Ruth Simon is our volunteer/practicing occupational therapist from Moshi University. We adore her. she is amazing addition to the team and we are sincerely hoping she could continue with us. 

That's all folks, 
we'll continue with updates from normal village visits and institutional collaboration next time.  

- Kirsi S.

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