Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Enforcing vocational training services and cooperation

Dear friends!
In this year we have a lot of plans to our work! one among them is starting to build pathways for vocational training programmes for the clients that are approaching adulthood. We are currently negotiating with a boy in Magamba class and two others in Mnazi area where by we are greatly looking for a vocational school for them to attend! 

The one from Magamba class has physical handicap but he is cognitively very talented and wants to work as tailor or repairing shoes, hopefully owning his own shop eventually. Two others from Mnazi have cerebral palsy, which is very common in Tanzania especially in rural areas due to difficult labors outside of hospital services. To our delight though these two young talented individuals are good in grasping of the objects and they already know the value of money and they communicate through writing!

As a team we are looking ahead of finding ways to support independent living by adding life skills to the clients approaching adulthood.
So finding everyones' talents and suitable paths for adulthood is the next big challenge but we're also eager to see where these youngsters will end up !

- Ruth (and Kirsi edited)

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