Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Impressions from outreach work

Hey everyone, 
We're keeping busy. Our main donor and Finland in general are focusing more and more time and financial effort to Disability issues especially to disability mainstreaming. This is absolutely fantastic and in great demand. 

video from the campaign

Anyhow now to pictures. All wonderful pictures belong to Ms Laura Meril√§inen, whom we are grateful for allowing us to use these photos. 

Here are some impressions of our work lately 

Our new occupational therapist Ruth making assessment 

Mama Monika and students at Upendo classroom that was just renovated 

Kids at Mkinga 

Kirsi visiting Mama Sofia and her children who are part of the programme 

Amos village teacher and Wakesho goofing around

Awareness building for new mothers in the programme

Stella Sinyanga who acquired job as a hairdresser and supports her family despite of physical disability

School readiness evaluatin with Sofia, Kirsi and Ruth 

New village center at Mkinga area

Please notice that if you wish to use the photos you need to ask permission for this. All subjects in photos have given their permission for usage of photos but only on certain contexts, please respect their rights :). Thank you! 

Till next time. We were also on February number of Kodin Kuvalehti so go check it out if you're in Finland. 

And Kirsi Joined Twitter in order to update shorter news quicker regarding disability news and happenings. @KirsisaloTZ

All the best 

-Kirsi S.

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